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Users have access to a single AI predictive model that is tied to a specific set of business conditions. When conditions change, the model cannot dynamically respond.

Users are not able to define their business assumptions or cost-benefit tradeoffs to determine how to best allocate their limited resources. 

End users cannot easily incorporate their feedback resulting in a less optimized model.

Charlie Merrow, CEO

With market conditions constantly changing, you need to quickly figure out:

How to maximize marketing ROI given shifts in budget and changes in the effectiveness of various marketing channels.

If you should pursue a specific marketing promotion given all of the other promotions you could execute within your resource constraints.

How you can optimally allocate your marketing budget across different campaigns and marketing channels, given that different customers have different value to the business and likelihood to convert.



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Aible lets you balance resource constraints to determine the optimal resource allocation across multiple promotions and buyer segments so that you always target the promotions that add the most business value. 


Aible's Unique Approach to a Typical Marketing Use Case

Why Aible For Marketing AI Optimization

Real World Example: How AI Optimizes a Marketing Promotion
What is needed is a fundamentally new approach to AI; an AI solution that provides an OPTIMAL AI model tuned to your unique business needs, one that is always optimized, even as business conditions change. 
Traditional AI falls short, but there is a solution...

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More businesses than ever are turning to artificial intelligence to maximize pipeline and ROI. Organizations are turning to AI in order to maximize pipeline and ROI. Organizations are turning to AI in order to predict how likely it is that a marketing promotion will convert and which campaigns to pursue. 

But here’s the bad news: so far, AI has been a disappointment for many businesses. According to a recent survey by MIT-Sloan and the Boston Consulting Group, 65% of companies report seeing no value from their AI investments. Even among organizations that have made “significant investments” in AI, 40% report no business gains from AI.

There are many reasons companies have failed to see business gains from traditional AI, including:
The Challenge and Results

Charlie Merrow, CEO at Merrow Manufacturing - currently the largest provider of US-sourced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to meet the growing demands of COVID-19 and beyond - knew he had more than a prediction problem. Figuring out how to increase his revenue also meant he had optimization and resourcing challenges to address. 

According to Charlie, “With just a few clicks, I found $3M in additional sales leads in two hours with Aible and discovered additional revenue opportunities I could close by adding sales resources."

Learn what a leading industry analyst firm had to say about Merrow's use of Aible here.

Aible is the only AI solution that goes beyond predictions to enable you to optimize and anticipate. Aible lets you consider hundreds of shifting market factors and gives you the optimal recommendations to maximize business impact and ROI.

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Promotion Effectiveness
Use the promotion that is most likely to convert for a given prospect

Campaign Optimization 
Know how many resources to put in each campaign to get the optimum overall results

Strategic Planning
Understand what factors drive your conversion rates so you can improve quickly

Scenario Planning 
Prepare for best case, worst case, and everything in between automatically with AI

Hypothesis Testing
Drive user engagement by sending the right content to each person at the time they are ready to consume it

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Aible can predict the probability that a marketing promotion will convert, but since not all prospects are equally valuable and marketing assumptions and prospect behavior can change - you need a strategy that can adjust quickly.

As market conditions and customer preferences change across products and regions, Aible tells you how you can quickly adjust your marketing strategy to compensate. Aible provides an efficient frontier of many models versus a single fragile model, ensuring you use the right model given the circumstances.